A Unique Financial Planning Experience

The past 15 years have provided a front-row seat to market highs and market lows, too big to fail and government bailouts, a deeply dysfunctional US Congress, and our first African American US president. Through it all, our clients have experienced a stellar return on their investments and remained free from any worries about money or the proper mix of stocks or bonds.

Our disciplined Private Wealth Management approach allows us to work closely with high-net-worth retirees, families and faith-based organizations to develop advanced wealth and investment management strategies. We then chart a course to help them reach their financial destinations. Our high-return/low-risk strategies includes opportunities involving:

  • Holistic Financial Planning
  • Advanced Equity Selection
  • Risk Reduction through Options/Derivatives
  • Estate Planning
  • Advanced Gift Planning
  • Rare Coins and Precious Metals Purchases

By helping our clients chart their financial futures and embrace the importance of a detailed plan, we create success story after success story by implementing a coordinated process that creates and protects wealth.